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Dave Hicks

Daves Report
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April - May 2014

Message from the President

Dear Shareholders;                                     

I want to up date you on a few items of interest. In my last letter I spoke of meters, water use, well explorations and the relocation of our business office.

Here’s the latest…

We are going to meter the system and have selected a meter vender. There are numerous advantages to meters, the most important of which is we can more accurately measure water consumption. The meters will be remotely read using state of the art electronics.

Business Office Move:
We are currently seeking Office space in the Town of Arnold and have until December 1st to move. The HOA has doubled our rent to 600.00/month. Comparable space in Town varies from 800-1200/month. We have concluded that renting is a current better option to building or purchasing space, as our available assets must go toward the well exploration program.

Well Exploration:
This has been an adventure and will continue to be so. We have identified, as of April 2014, seven possible well sites on six different properties. The over reaching goal is to provide a continuous water flow that at a minimum matches our current demand from our present wells. This “redundancy” is sorely needed.

Water Consumption:
WE MUST USE LESS WATER….I do not know of any other way to say this. We need water for personal heath reasons and everyone understands. We DON’T need to be watering trees in the forest. Forget the trees!!! Changing water use is akin to changing behavior. Please change your behavior. The Water Company has authored a Drought Action Plan and will be soon rolling it out. The idea is simply to get everyone to use less and it can be done. The Water Company is in the process of appealing to the local realtors to advise their client/renters that the drought in California includes Arnold and we are not exempt. Brag about how you save to others….and….don’t be a water waster.

I want to applaud our Long Range Planning Committee for their diligence, insight and a remarkable work product. This effort will be a road map for the Company for the next few years. Nicely done: Tom Schneider, Chair; Board members George Paul, Steve Alberts and community members Sharon Tobias and Joe Morgan.
Your work product is Outstanding!

Remember the Board Meetings are monthly, second Saturday at 9:00AM.

Bob Maginnis
Board President
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company


Water Master Plan

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company has contracted with Luhdorff and Scalmanini Consulting Engineers to create a Water Master Plan. For those Shareholders interested in the more technical side of the Water Industry please visit The Special Reports here on this website.

Learn How to Read Your Meter

The Governor of our great State has asked every person to conserve 20% of their water usage per month.

Here is a great way to do just that, plus!

DID YOU KNOW… that the average American uses 100 gallons of water a DAY, according to So the question is, “How in the world do I save 20 gallons of water a day?”

By doing this… Shortening your shower by a minute or two, you could save up to 150 gallons per person per month … While you’re in there bring your toothbrush (150 gallons saved) and a bucket to catch some water that would otherwise go down the drain… to water outside/house plants or flush a toilet (another 150 gallons saved give or take) If you only flush when you “need” too, you could save between 225 and 450 gallons per month … depending on how old your toilet is.  Bringing your total water conservation to a whopping 900 (or 675 with a newer toilet) gallons saved per month!!! Way more than the Governor is asking for, which is only 600 gallons per person per month.

For more handy water conserving ideas, go to our water conservation tips page. If you have any great ideas you want to share with your fellow shareholders, feel free to email those ideas in at or give us a call in the office at (209) 795-7025.


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