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Dave Hicks

Daves Report
Welcome to our website. The purpose of this article is to keep the shareholders informed as to what we are doing here at BLSMWC.


Our staff is available to help you with any water problem you may have.



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Board of Directors
Thursday, July 24, 2014    4pm

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Please Give A Warm Welcome!!!

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company is please to announce
Sharon Tobias and Paul Penney
who have been elected to our Board of Directors at our
2014 Annual Shareholders Meeting.

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For more information on what your Long Range Planning Committee has been working on click here.


More on saving water:

Saving water TODAY means that there will be water TOMORROW.

Earlier we talked about NOT watering the trees that are in the forest, they will do just fine. Remember how they got to where they are…

Use all the water necessary to stay healthy. No one is asking that anyone compromise their hygiene regime.

A broom or a blower is better at cleaning off stairs, decks and driveways as there is no drought in brooms or blowers. Use a broom, its good exercise.

If you leave your home or cabin for ANY length of time, meaning a day or longer, turn off the water supply to your house.
If we all did, it would save water.

If you have exterior or garden watering systems, please cut back on the amount used. We are not asking you to destroy your garden but there IS a water shortage.
Cut it back by half.

Toilets are an important part of our living routine and we all use one. Leaks in toilets are a killer. NOW is the time to get that leak fixed. How do you detect a leak? Easy: open the holding tank and watch AND listen if water is moving when the shut-off mechanism has reset.

This sounds real silly…..if you put your ear against a faucet and the water is leaking or moving, you can hear it. This is akin to taking your water system’s pulse.
Try it, you might find a leak. If you find a leak call a plumber or your local fixit person. IF the leak is at your water/meter box call BLSMWC. We will send out someone to take a look. We are always looking for leaky pipes.

Please impress upon family, friends and renters that the drought is real and saving water is important.

The Water Company is actively searching for additional water sources and we will find them. More water does not translate to the drought is over. The past two to three winter snow packs, the initial source of our water supply, have been at best dismal.

More saving water ideas: low flow toilets, low flow shower heads, using less water all contribute to savings.

If you live in California, you know there is a water crisis and Blue Lake Springs is NOT immune from the drought. There are few solutions other than what nature provides.

Waiting for El Nino (if it occurs) in 2015 is not an immediate one.

Step Up: Be a Water Saver not a Water Waster!!!

If you have any ideas on how we can save, let us know. There are no bad ideas.
We’ll publish your idea and make you famous.



July message from the President of the Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company’s Board:

Independence Day weekend came and went and there were people EVERYWHERE !  Yes …. it was HOT ! I am pleased that with all those visiting, the efforts we have all put into conserving and saving water is working.  Please keep it up !!!

The 4th of July weekend is always a test of our system. Add the very large influx of visitors and a rather widespread power failure, the system stood the test. The holiday weekend taught us that saving water works for all.

Company staff has been speaking to rate payer/homeowners encouraging all to take steps to conserve and use less water. Far and away, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, some like to brag about their water saving techniques. All, well almost all, recognize that this drought is very real.

The search for additional water sources is in high gear. There are two companies currently drilling for water on a number of new well sites.
The path to some sites has been long.  If water is found, it will be worth the effort. Drilling is a time consuming effort, demands specialized costly equipment and is applied at predetermined sites that have been identified by our engineers. As the drilling moves forward, updates will be found on the website:

WE HAVE MOVED. As you recall the Home Owners Association asked us to vacate our rented space in the Snow Flake Lodge. We are in the same building as Rabobank, next door to the Post Office. The company phone number is the same: 209-795-7025, the website address is the same: but the mailing address has changed: PO Box 6015. The Office address is 1011 Blagen Rd. Feel free to drop in and pick up a water saving device. (The device is a very narrow straw.)

Again a welcome to two new Board members: Sharon Tobias and Paul Penney.

On a very sad note, Ernie Multhaup, a former Board member passed away on July 5th. Ernie was a gentleman’s gentleman. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Jeanie and family. We will all miss him.

Finally, please continue the effort you are putting into saving water.
Conservation works and we will all profit from it.

Bob Maginnis
President of the Board

Message from the President:                                                                  

June 2014

Dear Shareholder:    

As I mentioned recently, the search for additional water sources continues. We have identified six (6) properties that the professional water engineers have surveyed and will very soon begin the task of drilling for water. These properties are in reasonable proximity to each other and for those where water has been found. We will be able to interconnect the new supply with our existing water line. Current plans show the drilling of a minimum of 7 test wells and as the plan unfolds more if deemed necessary. The preparation for the drilling is an on-going process, which goes way beyond the identification of the property. Soil samples are taken and tested to insure that the ground is free of any contaminants. Each well shaft is drilled, usually eight inches in diameter, to anywhere from 200-700 feet. Once (if) water is found, a pump is installed and two tests are conducted. First, to sample the water for testing purposes to insure compliance with the standards as set by the California State Department of Health; second, the pump is continuously run for a determinate period of time, up to 24 hours, to test the strength and recovery of the new well’s supply. Once the newly drilled sites are deemed acceptable, we will bridge each new well into our present piping system that delivers water to the Treatment Plant. The goal is to develop a viable redundant connection that will enhance the strength of the present system. How long does all this take? Months! As mentioned before, this is not an easy process. I expect the drilling process to begin in early June.

I again applaud the Board Members and the two members from the public that comprise the Water Company’s Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC).  They are working on a plan to fund the expansion of the water supply, improve infrastructure to include the updating of the Water Treatment Facility and complete the replacement of underground piping. Included in the plan will be a system wide electronic metering system, which will permit the Water Company to monitor the flow of water and allow the Company to develop a billing process based upon actual usage.

In order to insure that there is adequate water during the high demand months, of June-July and August, we are in the process of negotiating with the Calaveras County Water District to purchase water, as we did last year. We must realize that we are not immune from the drought that is now approaching its third year. We are experiencing a slowdown in the recovery of our current preforming wells, which I would offer as a result of the lack of snow pack over the past two winters. It’s important that we have a secondary back up and we have very recently communicated to the Manager of CCWD our intentions to do business. We have a long standing, positive relationship with CCWD and have hopes of refining our current contract agreement.

I remind all once again of the importance of conservation and everyone doing their part. We are all creatures of habit and changing or tweaking our lifestyle is a monumental undertaking. Simply put: WE MUST USE LESS WATER. Cut back on outside watering, by at least 50%. As mentioned last month: STOP WATERING THE FOREST. The trees will do just fine. Don’t use the dishwasher every night. Take quicker showers. Water can be saved without compromise to personal hygiene.


The Water Company has produced and adopted a Drought Action Plan that is posted on the website. There are lots of tips and ideas and we are open to more. The Board of Directors passed a resolution supporting the Plan, which contains tips, ideas and penalties for non-compliance.

The Annual Meeting is fast approaching. Please plan to make it, Saturday June 7th at 9:00 at the Lodge. Listen to our water engineers talk water and the effect of the current drought. It would be worth the effort….

Enjoy the coming Summer!

Bob Maginnis
President of the Board
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company

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