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Daves Report
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Learn How to Read Your Meter


March 2014

Message from the President

Dear Shareholders,

While we are most thankful for the recent and hopefully coming rains, we all realize that the drought is still with us and will be for some time. 

During the first two months of 2014, the use of water by Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company Shareholders has dropped over 6% from prior years AND has been the lowest in recent history of the water company.  We CAN save water, if we all work together. Good for all of us!!

There are a number of things going on that may interest you.

Over all we have an unmetered system. Why? The system was built that way and is not alone in California. Currently, there are about 250 units on a system of 1712 users.  We are planning to install meters system wide. This will take time and we ask for your patience. Included in the installation of meters will be a revision of the rate schedule. The meter will allow the water company to better monitor the precise flow of water and find leaks.  All of the new and upgraded meters will be monitored electronically.  The meter cost will include the meter, installation and electronic monitoring. The meter is battery operated and the power unit has a life of about 20 years.  Water is a precious commodity and must be monitored, especially to detect leakage, which accounts for 15% of ALL water use. That is a lot of water.

The search for additional wells and water continues. Your water company is presently involved in developing well sites and is looking at 6 different possibilities. I say possibilities because we don’t know if there is water until we drill. We did drill one site in 2013 and at 700 feet, the gallons per minute was below our minimum requirements.  Each site requires separate negotiations, exploration to find water and connection to our main water line.  Two sites, despite our best efforts, are bogged down in contract issues and one is headed to formal arbitration.  We are continuing discussions with CCWD with a goal in mind to open a Wholesale Water Agreement for the needed purchase of water during unusual peak demands, should the need occur.

Kris Morris, a local contractor, has been added to the staff to handle on-site supervision of our construction sites, which include the new wells and the relocation of our office and staff. As you may know the Homeowners Association has asked the water company to vacate our rented office space, by December of 2014.  We own property on Blue Lake Springs Drive, which is currently occupied with our Water Treatment Facility and one of our storage tanks.  Zoning allows the placement of an office and the Board has allocated funds to cover costs of this facility.  As you know a recent vote by the Shareholders allows the office to move into the town of Arnold, if needed, as we were restricted to the Blue Lake Springs subdivision. The Board has explored our options and building an office on property we already own is the best plan. Renting space elsewhere is also an open option, if needed, due to construction delays.

Thanks again for using less water. IF…IF we continue to be judicious in our use of water, we might be able to meet our high peak summertime demands without purchasing water from an outside source. Let’s make THAT a goal !!!!

Lastly (about time), in June there is an election for two places on the Board.  I would encourage anyone interested to run.

A reminder: If you have a conservation idea, let us know. We will broadcast your idea and make you famous.

Bob Maginnis
Board President
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company



Water Master Plan

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company has contracted with Luhdorff and Scalmanini Consulting Engineers to create a Water Master Plan. For those Shareholders interested in the more technical side of the Water Industry please visit The Special Reports here on this website.


The Governor of our great State has asked every person to conserve 20% of their water usage per month.

Here is a great way to do just that, plus!

DID YOU KNOW… that the average American uses 100 gallons of water a DAY, according to So the question is, “How in the world do I save 20 gallons of water a day?”

By doing this… Shortening your shower by a minute or two, you could save up to 150 gallons per person per month … While you’re in there bring your toothbrush (150 gallons saved) and a bucket to catch some water that would otherwise go down the drain… to water outside/house plants or flush a toilet (another 150 gallons saved give or take) If you only flush when you “need” too, you could save between 225 and 450 gallons per month … depending on how old your toilet is.  Bringing your total water conservation to a whopping 900 (or 675 with a newer toilet) gallons saved per month!!! Way more than the Governor is asking for, which is only 600 gallons per person per month.

For more handy water conserving ideas, go to our water conservation tips page. If you have any great ideas you want to share with your fellow shareholders, feel free to email those ideas in at or give us a call in the office at (209) 795-7025.


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