Paul PenneyThe reasons why I feel I would be valuable to serving on the Board are as follows:

  • 35+ years experience in the field of water and waste analysis
  • 31 years at Santa Clara Valley Water District, San Jose, CA – Chemist
    • Duties were sampling reservoirs, creeks, and hazard waste sites for any contamination that exceeded drinking water quality. I was responsible for monitoring the treatment plants influent and effluent water to make sure that it met federal and state water quality standards
  • 4 years at Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant, Boston, MA – Chemist
  • 4 years in the United States Air Force – Water & Waste Processing Specialist
  • Graduate of San Jose State University
    • BS Degree in Chemistry
    • Minor in Micro Biology
  • Previous board member for BLSHA for 3 years (June 2011 – June 2014)
    • Chairman – House Facility and Security Committee (June 2011 – June 2014)

Ability to work well with other board members along with the Blue Lake Springs residents to insure the Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company will prosper. I feel I can assist in working together to reach a common goal for the entire community. I recognize that water is a HOT topic and very important to our community. I will work as a board member to meet expectations of supplying water to the residents of Blue Lake Springs. I can bring new ideas and concepts as a board member to the BLS Mutual Water Company. I am passionate for issues that I believe in and will work hard to accomplish what needs to be completed.