Water Production Goal

Our goal is to create a redundant system and to do that we have set a water production goal of 316 gallons per minute (gpm).

BLSMWC is investing in essential water and piping improvements over the next several years. The “Current Projects” represent critical investments that the Water Company is making on behalf of its shareholders and community members to ensure reliable, long-term services. These projects are top priorities for the Water Company. The location, goals, background, description, status, next steps and information are provided for each major project. As news breaks or another milestone is achieved, we will keep you posted.

Well #4 Complete

Water Production Goal: 316 gpm

40 of goal

  • 40% of Goal

Per the Water Master Plan the Board had decided to set the goal for 316gpm. However, the progress % does not truly reflect wells that are currently online. We are still developing these new well sites and expect the new water systems added to our current pipeline by mid 2015. The goal may also be adjusted accordingly as we continue our search for water.

For more information regarding well exploration and detailed reports please review our past meeting minutes and published reports. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter ‘The Bubbler‘.

BLSMWC Long Range Capital Improvement Plan (Preliminary)

  • 1. New Well Developments / Water Supply
  • a. Lucia Site (Includes 1 Well)
  • Property Easement $7K Initial Consideration (Cost Incurred)
  • Engineering Services $74K (Cost Incurred)
  • Drilling Test/Final Well $69K (Cost Incurred)
  • Well Pump Station Construction $175K Est. (2014)
  • Piping to Existing Line $10K (2014) Est. based on $65 per foot
  • Legal Fees $31K (Cost Incurred)
  • Permits/Surveys/Title Fees $6K (Cost Incurred)
  • Water Quality Tests Lab/State Included in Engineering Services Cost
  • Environ Site Assess (Phase I) $6K (2014)
  • Additional Well On Site Only 1 well is likely on Lucia Site
  • $207K First Easement Payment @ COE (2Q 2014)
  • $125K Final Easement Payment (2019)
  • $22K (2014)
  • $25K (2014) Estimated for Arbitration/Settlement