DriWater – Watering Solution

What is DriWater?

DRiWATER® is a 100% natural product used for plant watering.

DriWater is pure potable water that is held in a solid form and applied to plants in a variety of settings and applications to water plants until they are established. It is also used for household and garden plant maintenance.

It was invented by a well-known food chemist who recognized the potential of a cellulose gum he was using to thicken peanut butter. He tested and applied his concept that by using cellulose gum water could be suspended as a gel. By placing the gel in the soil he expected the naturally occurring microbes to feed on the cellulose degrading the gel allowing it to become available water that could be used by plants.

DRiWATER® is made from 98% potable water and 2% food grade ingredients. These ingredients bind the water into a solid gel. When the gel comes in contact with naturally occurring enzymes in soil, the enzymes slowly break down the gel, releasing moisture into the soil delivering moisture to plants between 40 and 90 days. DRiWATER® is not an absorbent polymer or a wetting agent – DRiWATER® is natural and & environmentally safe.

With the addition of Zinc and Glacial Acetic Acid, DriWater PLUS and THRIVE were developed to aid in plant establishment. Both Zinc and the auxin Glacial Acetic Acid are essential to cell elongation and numerous plant growth functions. PLUS is used for the initial application and THRIVE for subsequent applications throughout the establishment period.

Water is a non-renewable resource and both landscape and revegetation focus has turned to using native plants which consume less water to establish and maintain. A sustainable landscape today does not include the costs of installing temporary drip systems that require costly permitting, the charging of the system prior to use, or the associated maintenance costs. The conscientious use of water today is essential in all industries today whether it be mining, manufacturing, or environmental revegetation.

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