Mission Statement

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company was created to provide an adequate supply of good quality water for domestic use at a reasonable cost to the Blue Lake Springs Development.

Water links us to our neighbor in a way more complex than any other

In the Beginning:

An operating permit from the State Board of Health was first issued in 1962 to the Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company. Actually, the name of the water company was originally Lake Mont Pines Mutual Water Company when the first Articles of Incorporation were applied for in March 16, 1962 and was changed to the current name in June of that same year.

The initial groundwater source was of limited quality and quantity. In 1965 BLSMWC elected to purchase treated surface water from Calaveras County Water District (CCWD). CCWD’s supplies were limited and during the drought years of the 1970’s it placed severe restrictions on usage as well as substantially increasing charges for water supplied. BLSMWC was forced to seek an independent source and in 1979 constructed and began operating a plant for treating water from wells developed near Lodge Lake. These served into the mid 1980’s when the quantity available became insufficient, again requiring purchases from CCWD.

Because of rapid growth throughout the Ebbetts Pass area CCWD supplies were still limited. To solve a mutual shortage problem BLSMWC and CCWD, in 1987, entered into a joint venture to develop new high production wells at White Pines Lake (our current Wells 2 and 3). This project was very successful. Not only was Blue Lake Springs needs being fulfilled, but an equivalent amount was available for CCWD.

The Growing Years:

The number of homes served by BLSMWC increased at an average annual rate of 45 new connections a year from 973 in 1980 to 1423 at the end of 1989. Early projections stated that in another 10 years, 400 to 500 additional homes will be added to the system. This will be approaching a full build out for Blue Lake Springs. In fact, we are currently serving 1711 homes out of the 2024 shares originally issued to the developer Kenneth DeMeuse.