How Much Water Do You Use?

It has been found that the average California home uses 384 gallons of water daily, indoors and out. The average apartment or condominium uses 256 gallons daily. And a single individual uses about 150 gallons a day, including outdoor watering. The chart below provides information on how much water our daily activities consume.

Conservation is an effort we can practice every day. With just a little adjustment to your normal activities, like shorter showers, or turning off the faucet while brushing, you can save water and money.

In the Bathroom

  • If you’re taking a shower, don’t waste cold water while waiting for hot water to reach the shower head. Catch that water in a container to use on your outside plants or to flush your toilet. You can save 200 to 300 gallons a month.
  • Shorten your showers. Even a one or two minute reduction can save up to 700 gallons a month.
  • If you have time, take baths instead of showers. A partially filled tub uses less water than all but the shortest showers. You can save 15 to 20 gallons each time.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. You can save 3 gallons each day.
  • Turn off the water while shaving. Fill the bottom of the sink with a few inches of water to rinse your razor. You can save 3 gallons each day.
  • Don’t use your toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket to flush refuse or pet waste. You can save 400 to 600 gallons a month.