This Drought Action Plan serves as a detailed work plan for Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company staff, not only during drought conditions, but before and after as well. It includes specific actions for management of the water supply and demand, addresses the impacts associated with drought, and facilitates the timely implementation of effective drought responses.


On May 10, 2014 the Board of Directors of Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company adopted a Drought Action Plan. This Drought Action Plan covers water supply conditions, drought stages; objectives, and response actions.

Additional Information on how to conserve:

Calaveras Conserves - Use Water Wisely

Drought Action Plan Summary

Summary of drought stage water use, reduction targets, triggering supply conditions, objectives and response actions.

Drought Stage 1 in effect – For more information on Stage 1, read below.

Water Supply Conditions

  • Slightly Restricted Water Supplies (below normal)
  • Asking shareholders for up to 10% Supply Reduction

Drought Stage

  • No watering of forest trees
  • Voluntary reductions of 10% in use
  • Voluntary Odd/Even outside watering
    • Even addresses: Wed., Fri., Sun.
    • Odd addresses: Tues., Thurs., Sat.
  • No watering between 10am and 6pm


Initiate public awareness of predicted water shortage and encourage conservation Flyers to Realtors for vacation rentals

Response Actions

  • Encourage voluntary measures to decrease “normal” demand up to 10%
  • Voluntary: Odd/Even watering based on addresses during specific times of day

Shareholder Awareness through website

For Full Text of the Drought Action Plan