In order to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s nationwide lead and copper regulations, every three (3) years, we conduct a special monitoring program of the tap water in our service area.

The specific purpose of this program is to determine whether there is any evidence of lead or copper in tap water in our community. Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company’s two sources of water and our distribution system do not have any detectable concentrations of these metals, but it is possible that they can be dissolved in water as it flows through household plumbing.

The water we distribute to your home is safe. We want to be certain that it is just as safe when it comes out of the tap in your home. To accomplish this, we conduct a special Lead and Copper Monitoring Program at representative homes in our service area. We have finished our testing for 2021 and will test again in three (3) years. Our 2021 tests comply with State regulations.