Public Notification of Board Meetings

In addition to posting regular board meeting agendas online, we post the agendas at the public locations listed below three days in advance of the meeting. We also post special board meeting agendas at the same locations a day in advance of the meeting. In addition, we e-mail board meeting agendas to members of the public at their request. If you would like to receive board meeting agendas by e-mail in advance of meetings please subscribe to our newsletter or e-mail us at

In the past, our meeting minutes from the Regular Board Meetings were transcribed from a digital recording. To improve our communication efforts and promote transparency, the Board has decided to post its digital recording in addition to the written minutes. Resolutions, actions and summary of the board meeting will be noted in the written minutes. In addition, specific times are posted so shareholders can quickly navigate to the section he/she would like to listen to.

Digital recording of the meeting are generally posted the Monday or Tuesday after the meeting.

Board Minutes

January 2021
Agenda PDF (86 KB) | Minutes PDF (113 KB) | January 2021 Board Audio

Marcy 2021
Minutes * PDF (111 KB) | March 2021 Board Audio

* Denotes Unapproved Minutes