Calaveras Conserves - Use Water Wisely
  • Encourage voluntary measures to decrease “normal” demand up to 10%.
  • State is asking for a 15% voluntary decrease in water usage.
  • Voluntary: Odd/Even watering based on addresses during specific times of day.
  • Shareholder Awareness through website.

Who We Are

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company is a not-for-profit, mutual water company formed and owned by the people it serves to develop, distribute, supply and deliver water for domestic use to the land area situated in Calaveras County, California known as the Blue Lake Springs subdivision (units 1 through 5 and 7 through 13).

Our Board of Directors is elected by voters (shareholders) of the Blue Lake Springs development and is charged with the responsibilities of establishing policies and rates; the construction and maintenance of facilities; acquiring, owning, leasing, or developing water, water rights or water bearing lands; and any other decision necessary to provide water services to our shareholders. Daily operations are administered by a General Manager who is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Calaveras Conserves

Water is precious

23% savings from last year to this.

BLSMWC Water System Improvement Project

Please Conserve Water

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