I have been a part time resident in Blue Lake Springs along with my husband and daughter since 2007. While we spend the school year in Palo Alto, we greatly enjoy all that Blue Lake Springs and the vicinity have to offer on our weekends, holidays, and summer vacations. I want to ensure that Blue Lake Springs continues to be a destination that people can enjoy as much as I do.

I have been regularly attending the BLSMWC board meetings when in the area. I am very concerned about the source of the water supply (and finding new reliable sources) and the water quality. I have a BS in Environmental Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and am a Registered Professional Civil Engineer I both California and Hawaii.

Throughout my professional career of 27 years, I have worked on the design and construction of both water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as the study and remediation of sites with contaminated soil and/or groundwater. I have also spent much of my career working on the environmental cleanup of contaminated sites and transfer of US Navy properties such as Naval Station Treasure Island and Naval Air Station Barbers Point.

I would like to contribute my professional expertise by serving on the Board and representing the shareholders.