Usage: BLSMWC usage is down nearly 1 million gallons (22%) from last year. For the month of June we saved more than
the State requirement of 20% reduction in usage. Thank you for your conservation efforts, please keep it up throughout
the drought. If we can all work together to conserve, the water will always be there when you need it.

July 2022 Total Usage

Field: This summer we will be working on some minor repairs to the storage tanks. There was damage done to the level gauge and vent during the January storm. Throughout the summer the staff will be conducting their annual maintenance of the distribution system. Please be mindful of them while driving through the subdivision.

Drought: Remember BLSMWC does not allow watering of the forest trees throughout all of our drought stages. Currently, we are in Stage 2 of our Drought Action Plan. Addresses ending in an odd number can water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday before 10am and after 6pm. Addresses ending in an even number can water Wednesday, Friday and Sunday before 10am and after 6pm. No outside watering on Mondays. For more information regarding our drought stages go to

20123,6243,4253,0923,1084,5605,1006,902 6,4355,5404,1733,3554,13353,447
20163,4952,9932,4882,8603,4794,2256,1095,8045,033 3,5272,8423,60946,464