It’s been a great summer in Arnold and things are winding down as the children and grandchildren head back to school and the adults return to work. Now is a great time to remind yourself and family members who use your cabin on how to winterize to protect from leaks. Trust me, leaks are no fun, particularly  if they happen inside the house. Please look at the article in the Bubbler on winterization.

I trust that most of our shareholders are aware of CCWD’s proposed water rate increases for their customers. BLSMWC purchases water from CCWD to supplement our well water supply, and we typically increase the amount of CCWD water in the winter to allow our wells to recover. We are just one of CCWD’s many customers. BLSMWC has been in continuous discussion with CCWD about their proposed water rate increases over the next 5 years and how it would affect our shareholders. Both Tyler Mayo, GM and I attended the August 14 meeting in Arnold to understand CCWD’s view as well as to hear the concerns from the customers. At this time, we are still waiting for CCWD’s answers to our specific questions, as well as to see if the proposed rates are passed. We anticipate that due to the proposed increase, BLSMWC shareholders will see a minimal increase. We should know more after CCWD’s September 13 meeting. At that time the staff will meet with the Rates and Finance committee to complete the budget and subsequently determine our future rates.

The BLSMWC switched to online voting for the June Shareholders meeting. The online voting was a success as we achieved the quorum needed to conduct business at the meeting. Thank you to all who voted! Needless to say, online voting is here to stay!
The Board continue to meet every other month – our next meeting is on September 12th at 4 pm.

I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend and a fabulous Fall.

Thank you,
Sharon Tobias
BLSMWC Board of Directors