Dear Shareholders,

The Board of Directors of the Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company mandated that Stage 3 be implemented on our Drought Action Plan as of March 16, 2015. As a result, mandatory restrictions on water are in effect: all outside watering is suspended and reduce inside usage by 35%.

We’ve had many phone calls and inquiries about ways to conserve water and protect outdoor plants, trees and shrubs. We recommend homeowners look into alternative watering solution such as DriWater. DriWater is ‘pure water that is held in a solid form and applied to plants in a variety of settings and applications to water plants until they are established.’ The product comes in a gel pack and made from 98% potable water and 2% food grade ingredients. Each pack contain ingredients that bind the water into a solid gel. When the gel comes in contact with naturally occurring enzymes in soil, the enzymes slowly break down the gel, releasing moisture into the soil delivering moisture to plants between 40 and 90 days.

You can purchase this product directly from or Ace Hardware in Arnold is also carrying the product as of April.

For more tips please visit our website at and click on ‘Conservation’.

Thank you for your continued conservation efforts.


Nhu Bergstrom
Accounts Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company