Dear Shareholders,

Now we are going into the hot, dry months of summer. Please keep up your conservation efforts, it really makes a difference.

June consumption numbers were down, due to your conservation and leak detection from our crew. We realized a water savings of 1,624,000 gallons compared to June 2014 and a savings of 2,830,000 gallons over June 2013. This savings has allowed our wells to maintain a higher water level than the two previous years. With continued conservation, and our increased storage capacity, we will have enough water to supply everyone through the summer months.

Wells Drawdown
Our storage capacity is measured in feet of water above the well pump intake. In June 2014 the high recovery was 80 ft. In June 2015 the high recovery was 94 ft. We have 14 feet more water in the well than we had last year, in spite of three dry winters. This is good news, but the pumping records over the last three years seem to indicate that the recovery rate has slowed. This means that it takes longer for the well to recover, say one foot of water, than it did in the past two years.

We must continue to conserve and minimize leaks, in order to maintain our precious storage capacity. We have allowed pressure washing for refinishing of decks and houses only. A permit is required at no cost. Please contact the office for information. Also, a toilet rebate program is in place that will credit $50.00 for every low flow toilet installed (limit 2 per household). This program is retroactive to 2014, so please contact us if you have installed one. We will remain in Stage 3 of our Drought Action Plan.

Wholesale Water Purchase Agreement with CCWD
Negotiations with CCWD have been somewhat frustrating, but I think we have a outline of an agreement that our Board can discuss at our next Meeting on the 11th. I am confident we will have something more concrete to report soon.

That’s all for now, thank you for conserving.

David Hicks
General Manager