Dear Shareholders,

The July numbers are almost in, and again they show what a fantastic job all of you are doing saving water.

Drought/ Water Conservation
Here are the July figures as of 7-30-2015.
July usage:

2015 4,080,000 gallons
2014 5,878,000 gallons = 30% savings
2013 7,992,000 gallons = 49% savings

Total usage for the year:

2015 20,375,000 gallons
2014 27,200,000 gallons = 25% savings
2013 31,700,000 gallons = 36% savings

Wells Drawdown
What does this water savings mean to our well water supply? As of this writing, 7-30-15, our well level is 24 feet above last July. So thank you again for conserving during these dry months.

CCWD Water Purchase Agreement
An agreement with CCWD is being drafted by our attorney to be reviewed by the Blue Lake Springs Water Company Board, and the Calaveras County Water Department Board. It will allow us to purchase part of our water supply from CCWD. It will also allow our wells at White Pines to recover even more than they have already this year, and on into the future, greatly extending their production ability. This agreement will also provide a way to purchase 100% of our supply in the future, in the event of a total well failure. I will keep you informed on the details of this agreement when negotiations are completed. After many years of effort by both Blue Lake Springs Water and CCWD, we are very close to securing a reliable water supply, without annexation, and at a reasonable cost.

Water Meters
Our Long Range Planning Committee is working on the implementation of installing water meters on all Blue Lake Springs shareholders. We are mandated by the State of California to have water meters installed on every household by 2025. This will insure fairness in water consumption by all. The committee will have a recommendation on water meters at our next Board Meeting, August 8th.

Full Time vs. Part Time
If you didn’t respond to the e-mail blast or the request on Nextdoor, by now you should have received a letter in the mail asking you to tell us if you are a part time or full time resident of BLS. This information is important to the studies we will be implementing in the near future as well as giving us a better handle on the population in the subdivision. You can respond by e-mail or phone or mail the form back to us. Please don’t forget to respond! We thank those who already have.

That’s all for now, and thank you all again for conserving.

David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.