Dear Shareholders,

We are starting off 2017 with very good precipitation totals so far. One of our shareholders has reported 70.75 inches of rain as of 2/10. Blue Lake Springs and most of the rest of the state is in a much better situation, heading into summer, than we were last year, with more to come.

January’s usage was high due to numerous leaks in the system. With all the snow and rain we had, our crew was busy keeping the system running and couldn’t do our normal leak detection procedures, but we were never in danger of running out of water. This happens some years when we have storm conditions and power outages, trees falling across roads etc…..

It is a good idea to check your cabin after a storm event. If you are not able to come up yourself, there are services in and around Arnold that will do it for you.

Here are the January numbers:

January Usage

  • 2017 4,223,000 gallons
  • 2016 3,495,000 gallons
  • 2015 3,329,000 gallons
  • 2014 3,305,000 gallons
  • 2013 4,265,000 gallons

Tree Work

Tree cutting is continuing in Blue Lake Springs in spite of the winter conditions. If possible, mark your water service line, the pipe from our water box to your house, if you have dead trees that are being taken down.

It’s also a good idea to mark your septic tank and leach field if you know where they are.
And please call our office to let us know.

Gushing Water

Thanks to all who are reporting possible leaks to us. Water is gushing out of places all over Blue Lakes, almost all of which are springs, but we check
out any report of running water.

That’s all for now.

David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223
Ph: (209) 795-7025