Dear Shareholders,
January was fairly quiet as far as storms go, but it looks like February is coming on with a bang. Very cold temperatures, 18 degrees and colder in some places means frozen pipes. It happens every year, so don’t you be one of the homeowners who arrive at the cabin to find water pouring out of an upstairs window, or no water because the pipes are frozen. If you shut the main shutoff valve, and drain the house, and put a little environmentally friendly anti freeze in the toilet tank, you should have no worries. Don’t count on your heater to keep the cabin warm.

January Usage

The water usage in January was slightly higher than last year. I think more people came up to enjoy Winter.
Here are the numbers.


2013 4,265,000 gallons
2014 3,305,000
2015 3,329,000
2016 3,495,000
2017 4,223,000
2018 2,956,000
2019 3,417,000

We saved 20% of water usage compared to 2013, which is the State Drought comparison year.

USDA Infrastructure Improvement Project

Not much work was done on our project because of the weather. Some service connection retro work was started in late January. This work involves replacing the old hardware in the the box with new brass fittings, and we will be adding a new pressure regulator in a separate round box. This box and regulator will be maintained by the homeowner.

Notification will be given to homeowners in the area that is being worked on, so please give us your email address and any other contact information.

You need to run the water at your cabin for a few minutes after the work is done.

David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223