Dear Shareholders,
What a difference a few days make.

This Spring like weather is really fantastic.

A few days ago, it was cold, rainy, and snowy, but now it is sunny and warm, the frogs are croaking, and the ants are attacking my kitchen.

This is typical weather for this time of year, and I would like to remind everyone to please shut off your water, if you are leaving your cabin, even for a short time.

The weather can change very quickly, back to Winter conditions, and we don’t want any frozen pipes ruining the weekend.

Total Water Usage March 2017
Here are the current usage numbers:


  • 2017 3,007,000 gallons 5% water savings over 2013 ( Stage 2 Drought Restrictions)
  • 2016 2,993,000 gallons 5.2% (Stage 2)
  • 2015 2,480,000 gallons 21% (Stage 3)
  • 2014 2,974,000 gallons 5.7% (Stage 2)
  • 2013 3,157,000 gallons (Voluntary Conservation)

Well Drawdown

We measure the amount of storage in our wells in feet of water above the pump intake. In February the level stands at 161 feet.
Last year at this time the level was at 124 feet. This means that there is plenty of groundwater storage for Spring and Summer.
This Winter’s precipitation does not affect our wells directly. Our well #3 is sealed to a depth of 70 feet, and beyond that, water flows in from the fissures in the rock to a total depth of 250 feet, so it takes a few years for the water to reach our well. Snowpack farther up the watershed also has an affect, and may take many years to reach the well.

Shut Off Valve

If you are having your friends of family use your cabin, please make sure that they know how to turn on and shut off and drain the water to the cabin. We have had a few cabins with drains running, because the shutoff and drain valves were turned incorrectly.
It’s a good idea to turn the water off to the cabin, open the drain, and stick around until the drain stops running, to make sure it’s done right. Labeling of valves and written directions are helpful too.

That’s all for now,
David Hicks General Manager Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.