February was a month of cold, snow and heavy rain.

We had some frozen and broken pipes in some cabins and this caused a higher water usage than normal for February.

Some cabin’s pipes froze overnight, even with occupants home, and the heater on. Please check your house shutoff if you haven’t checked it lately. It should be insulated and protected from the outside air. If you have a open vent close by the shutoff valve make sure the vent is covered for winter, and pipes insulated. If your shutoff is outside the house and in a box, check to see that it is well insulated. Shutoff all irrigation, or any exposed pipes outside.

When we get cold temps…20 degrees or colder for several days at a time, the possibility of frozen pipes at your cabin is great. Of course, if you are gone, make sure the cabin is winterized, but when you come up and the temps are below 32 degrees, check the house shutoff to make sure it’s insulated.

A lot of people came up for the President’s Day, and Washington’s Birthday weekends in spite of the storms and this contributed to the high usage also.

Here are the numbers:

February Water Usage

2019 4,242,000 gallons
2018 3,286,000
2017 3,007,000
2016 2,993,000
2015 3,329,000

We saved no water compared to February 2013 the State Drought Reporting Year.
We are at +26%

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