Dear Shareholders,

I hope everyone is staying safe and taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Water Company is also taking measures to keep the water flowing and our employees safe.

Infrastructure Improvement Project

Until the weather got bad, Mozingo had been working on replacing the fire hydrants in unit 13. This required some planned shutoffs of water, and I thank everyone for being patient during this process. Work on the project has stopped for the moment because of the weather, and I don’t yet know when construction will resume. Construction projects in some parts of the state are suspended due to COVID-19, but right now, our project will begin when the weather gets better. We have suspended the deadlines for hooking up your house to the new service box, so don’t worry about the water being shut off until things get back to normal. The plumbing contractors are working, weather permitting, and making connections. Owners can still get quotes and have their hookups completed.

March Water Usage

Water usage in March was down from last year. We haven’t had any major leaks, so thanks to all who winterized and shut off their cabins. Here are the numbers. We saved no water compared to March 2013, the State Drought Reporting Year.


  • 2020 3,408,000 gallons
  • 2019 3,890,000
  • 2018 3,598,000
  • 2017 2,942,000
  • 2016 2,488,000

Customer Premises Service

Our field crew, Bill and Tyler are working and will respond to water problem calls, but they will maintain social distancing.

Please be aware that when we arrive at your residence, meet us outside as we prefer not to go to the door, or go inside your home at this time.

Dave Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company
Phone 209-795-7025
Usage Chart for February/March 2020