Dear Shareholders,

Precipitation totals are climbing for the year due to much needed rain in March. Hopefully this rain will give the pine trees enough sap to fight off the bark beetle attack that is sure to come this year.

March Usage

March usage was higher than previous years. Here are the numbers.

  • 2013 3,066,000 million gallons
  • 2014 2,973,000
  • 2015 2,587,000
  • 2016 2,488,000
  • 2017 2,942,000
  • 2018 3,598,000

As you can see, March 2018 was quite a bit higher than the 5 previous years. Some of this may be caused by a delayed ski season, and more people in the area. We had a increase of 17% over the 2013 usage for March. No water was saved. 2013 is the year the State Water Board uses for Drought comparison.


In spite of recent precipitation, please remember to use water wisely. Just be aware of your use, and try to minimize waste.

Winterize your house when you leave. Leave proper instructions for shutting off your cabin’s water.

USDA Water Distribution Improvement Project

Plans are being finalized for our project which will go out to bid this month. We will be installing new mains in the roadway, and new ser-vice boxes in the front of lots, and eliminating the old smaller mains in the back and front of some lots. This project will affect many of you shareholders in Blue Lake Springs. You have already been contacted in reference to your new service box location for your input.

If you have requested a change in the service box location, and have not heard back from us, please contact the office to make sure the change was made on the plans. You will be required to connect your house to the newly installed service box. The old mains will be kept active so there should be no water outages during construction unless planned, and they will be of short duration. You will be given a sufficient amount of time to connect, and our office can help you with a list of contractors who can do the work. Construction will not be starting until early July, so there is plenty of time to plan your connection, probably a year at minimum.

Pressure Reducing Valves

All homeowners are required to install a pressure reducing valve at their house. It’s common plumbing practice to install this valve at the time of construction, usually located after the house shutoff valve. This valve protects the house plumbing against high pressure which may occur because of the elevation changes in our mountain community.

If you are not sure if you have a pressure reducing valve in your house plumbing, please contact your local plumbing contractor. He can tell you if you need to install one and how much it will cost. It’s important that you check this because the Water Company will not be re-sponsible for damage caused by high pressure: Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company Rules and Regulations # 8.

Irrigation Systems

Spring is here and the weather is warming up. Time to check your irrigation system for damage over the winter.

That’s all for now.
David Hicks General Manager Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co. P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223 Ph: 209-795-7025