Dear Shareholders,

Spring is here and our USDA Water System Improvement project is up and digging again. Water main has been installed on Russell Dr., David Lee, all of Moran, Dean Way, Marilynn, Dawn and Helen. Water service Boxes are being installed on Dean Way.

Please be careful driving in these work zones.

Letters will be sent to the homeowners who live in the Main Zone, (David Lee, Russell, parts of Moran Dean Way and Kuehn) to notify you that you have 6 months to connect to your new service box. This will happen when the pipe is sanitized and pressure tested probably in about a month.

March Usage

The water usage for March is higher than last March, and for the first 3 months of 2019, we are higher than previous years back to 2009.

We had some frozen pipe leaks in February and probably more people staying at their cabin with the good snowfall.

We would like to remind everyone to shut off and drain your cabin if you are going to be away for a while and to close your house shut off even if you are only gone a short time, you don’t have to drain unless there are freezing temperatures in Arnold. Please use water wisely, as you have been.


  • 2019 3,890,000 gallons
  • 2018 3,598,000
  • 2017 2,942,000
  • 2016 2,488,000
  • 2015 2,587,000

Water Pressure

Those cabins that have had their service boxes upgraded, have a new pressure regulator installed, and you may notice a difference in pressure. We will adjust your regulator if necessary, but after we do it becomes yours to maintain.

David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223
Ph: 209‐795‐7025