Dear Shareholders,
The weather is starting to heat up as we approach Summer. Some of you may already be watering your plants and starting up your irrigation systems. Please check them for leaks and timer failure. If you plan to add a new irrigation system, please contact the office so we can check it out to see if there is proper backflow protection.

Backflow is a condition where water from the irrigation or house can be drawn into our water main pipes. It’s a rare situation but it happens when we have a water main break. A vacuum is sometimes created in the main, and without the proper protection on the house and watering system, contaminated water can be sucked into the main.

When a system is installed by a professional landscape company, the proper backflow devices are usually installed, but we would like to take a look. Any of you with older systems can call us too. We would be happy to check them out.

May Usage

May usage was lower than last May.
Here are the numbers:

  • 2013 4,341,000 Gallons
  • 2014 4,152,000
  • 2015 2,602,000
  • 2016 3,479,000
  • 2017 3,378,000
  • 2018 3,112,000

We saved 28% in May over May of 2013, which is the comparison year for State drought reporting.


We are currently in Stage 1 of our Drought Plan. This is a voluntary part of our plan, which asks for a 10% reduction in water use compared to 2013 usage. I don’t see a change to Stage 2 this year, although It may depend on what the State requires.

I just ask that everyone be aware of their water usage and try to be wise about it, as we go into the Summer months.

We have had a couple of cases where relatives have come up to use a cabin, and didn’t shut the water off properly, leaving the drain open and running. Please make sure proper instructions are posted as to how to shut the water off.

That’s all for now.

David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223
Ph: 209‐795‐7025