Dear Shareholders,
Summer is here along with blazing hot days and cool nights. Our wells are humming along pumping water, and CCWD has plenty of water to sell. Here is a run down of the June usage numbers:



  • 2013 5,738,000 gallons
  • 2014 4,532,000
  • 2015 2,908,000
  • 2016 4,225,000
  • 2017 4,062,000

You can see that we are on par with last year’s usage.

Irrigation Systems

Please check your irrigation systems to make sure they are functioning properly. Timers can fail and the system won’t shut off, and a lot of water can be wasted. Also, drip emitters can come off and the water can shoot out of that one broken spot, heavily watering the one spot and neglecting the other areas. If you are adding a new system, please notify us so we can check it for backflow prevention.

USDA Loan Engineering Work

Some of you have noticed survey work going on, with white markings painted in the road. This is the beginning of the engineering design work that we are doing for our USDA Infrastructure Improvement/Meter Installation Project. Our old back‐lot water mains will be eliminated, and new larger mains with hydrants will be installed in the street. The Engineering firm of MC Engineering will be designing these infrastructure improvements, and you may see them around Blue Lake Springs doing the necessary work to prepare for construction. For more information on the Project, and it’s effects on you, the shareholder, please check our website:

Suspicious Activity

We are blessed with a low crime rate here in Arnold, but please alert us to any strange activity around our hydrants, tanks, or Treatment Plant. No one is allowed to take water from our hydrants, so if you see anything out of the ordinary, please report it to us.

That’s all for now.
David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223
Ph: (209) 795-7025