On Thursday, June 28th, the Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company Board of Directors approved 2 resolutions that relate to our USDA Infrastructure Improvement Project. These resolutions allow me to sign the Notice to Award the project to Mozingo Construction Co. Inc. Mozingo can then get the required Bonds and Insurance needed for the project. Once the Bonds and Insurance are in place, a construction agreement, and Notice to Proceed will be signed, subject to review by Blue Lake Springs staff, attorney, Engineering, and USDA. Mozingo can then begin to mobilize equipment and material into Blue Lake Springs. This should start in about 2 to three weeks. Resolutions can be viewed on our website:

July is here and the Water Company is in great shape going into the hot summer months. We have good storage in our wells, and our tanks are full for good fire protection. Usage was slightly lower in June from last year. I’ll run down the numbers.



  • 2018 3,938,000 Gallons
  • 2017 4,064,000
  • 2016 4,225,000
  • 2015 2,908,000
  • 2014 4,532,000
  • 2013 5,738,000

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General Manager
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