I would like to thank you all for your attending the Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, November 11th.  Your suggestions, questions, and input were appreciated. I hope that the Board, Staff, and Engineering firm were helpful and informative. If you have any questions regarding the meeting, please call the BLSMWC office at: 795-7025, you can also read the minutes of the Meeting on our website:

Today’s message is WINTERIZE WINTERIZE !!


  • Insulate exposed water pipes under the cabin and any exposed service lines outside. A watertight box should cover outside insulation. (Wet insulation loses its insulating value.)
  • When closing the cabin, shut off the water at the CABIN shut off valve. (Please do not use the service box shut off valve.)
  • Turn off electricity to the hot water heater. Be sure heater is full of water before restoring energy.
  • Drain lines by opening the drain valve that should be at the lowest point in the system. (If you have no drain valve, you should install one.)
  • Open all inside faucets. (kitchen, bathroom, service room, etc. including shower riser)
  • Open all outside hose bibs and relieve all vacuum breakers if so equipped.
  • Flush toilets and add 1/4 cup of RV type non-toxic antifreeze to toilet bowls. Add 1/8 cup of RV type non-toxic antifreeze to water left in flush tanks and in all wastewater traps. CAUTION: ANTIFREEZE MAY AFFECT THE PROPER OPERATION OF YOUR SEPTIC TANK AND SHOULD BE USED IN MODERATION.
  • Please DO NOT let water run in order to prevent freezing since this not only wastes water, but will result in a penalty charge of $100 for water loss on the first offense. The second offense will result in the water being shut off in addition to a penalty of $200 and a charge for water loss. Both the penalty and water loss charge must be paid before service will be restored.

If you are having problems with your water service call:

BLSMWC office at 209-795-7025 Monday through Friday, 8-4

OR call 209-795-7030 and leave a message. The message will be electronically transferred to the person on call. If you observe leaks in the lines of the water system, please call us at once. Thank you!

The usage chart below shows a reduction in consumption for the month of October! Thank you for your conservation efforts! Keep up the good work.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Dave Hicks
General Manager