Dear Shareholders,

Our Infrastructure Improvement Project is going along nicely with the installation of new water main and fire hydrants on Russell Drive and David Lee Road. This work will greatly improve our fire protection here in Blue Lake Springs.

October Water Usage

Usage since May of this year has been lower each month compared to 2017. We have saved, since May, 1,798,000 gallons. Thanks to all who have conserved.


2013 4,401,000 gallons
2014 3,430,000
2015 2,627,000
2016 3,527,000
2017 3,723,000
2018 3,188,000

We are at 28% water savings for October compared to October 2013, the State drought comparison year.

Well Levels

Water levels in wells 3 and 4 are high, and we are ready for the Holiday usage.

Well 3 October

2017 153 feet above the pump intake.
2018 154 feet

Well 4 October

2017 767 feet above the pump intake
2018 767 feet

Available storage in our tanks at any time is averaging 1,234,000 gallons.

Cold Weather

Cold temperatures are moving in on us as Winter approaches. Make sure your cabin is ready. Turn shutoff valve off when you are gone. Drain the pipes if you are gone for an extended time. Assume the power will be off at some point during the season, and don’t count on your heater to keep your cabin above freezing. Turn off and drain sprinkler systems.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223
Ph: 209‐795‐7025