Dear Shareholders,
With two winters of low precipitation and reservoirs only half full we head into the summer dry season. The stage is set for an escalation of extreme dry conditions and widespread water restrictions are possible. We are currently in Stage 1 of our Drought Action Plan which calls for voluntary conservation. Our watermasters will monitor usage heading into the summer months, and we will determine if it is necessary to go into Stage 2. Please check your irrigation system for leaks and make sure the timer works properly. Water used wisely will insure we have the storage we need for fire protection. Conservation Information can be found on our website:

March Usage

Usage for March is lower than the 3 previous years previous years and does not reflect 2020’s high usage due to COVID and our Infrastructure Improvement Project.

Here are the numbers.


  • 2021 3,279,000 gallons
  • 2020 3,501,000
  • 2019 3,890,000
  • 2018 3,598,000

We want everyone to enjoy the summer, but please be aware of your water usage. We saved no water compared to March of 2013 the State Drought Reporting Year. (‐6.3%).

Connections to the New Mains

I want to thank everyone who had to connect to the new service box as part of our Infrastructure Improvement Project. I know it was difficult for some homeowners and I appreciate your timely action getting it done. There are very few ( under 10 connections) that must be made and then we will be able to shut off all the old, undersized, root-bound, and difficult to access backyard mains.

Please remember to shut off the water to your house when you leave, even for a short time. This will protect your home from water damage
due to a broken pipe, or a leak in your service line.

Lead and Copper Testing

Starting in May we will be contacting homeowners who are part of our Lead and Copper Sampling program.

This testing is done every 3 years and is required by the State Water Resources Control Board.

Samples must be taken by the homeowner, and the results will indicate the lead and copper levels in each home.

Dave Hicks, General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company
Phone: 209‐795‐7025