Dear Shareholders,

Calaveras County water conservation partnership has started again. This partnership is between our local water agencies to promote water conservation.


Calaveras Conserves was formed in Spring, 2015 as an opportunity for agencies to provide a consistent outreach message to the community during droughts. All major water agencies in Calaveras County are members including, Union Public Utility District, Valley Springs Public Utility District, City of Angels, Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company, Utica Power and Water Authority, Calaveras Public Utility District and Calaveras County Water District. As a partnership, these agencies are meeting regularly during the current drought with the goal of providing the most up to date water conservation information for customers throughout the County. More info can be found on or

July Usage

Thank you for your conservation efforts, they’re greatly appreciated. For the month of July, we saved 21% compared to July 2020. That’s 1.4 million gallons saved which is similar to 10 days of usage in Blue Lake Springs.

Total Usage Chart

Tyler Mayo
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company