Dear Shareholders,

The week of January 24th brought a major storm to our area. The storm caused widespread damage to Arnold and Blue Lake Springs, with power outages lasting several days. Your water company was working hard to keep the water flowing. Using our portable emergency generator, we were able to pump water from Tank 4 at Lilac Park, to Tank 6 at El Ranchero using our new booster pump station at Cypress Pt.

We had some water leaks that took some time to find due to the amount of snow, but we were able to shut them all down, and maintain an adequate level in our Tanks until power was restored to our Wells and Treatment Plant on February 4. I commend Bill Heinle, and Tyler Mayo, our Watermasters, and our new employee Cody DeCoste for going the extra mile during this event.

Water Usage for January

Water usage has dropped a little after the very high usage in 2020, the highest usage in the last 10 years. More residents used their cabins because of the stay at home order caused by COVID‐19. Many homes were sold in 2020 and we think water usage will increase slowly after the pandemic has settled down.

Here are the numbers for January.


  • 2021 3,768,000 gallons
  • 2020 3,873,000
  • 2019 3,417,000
  • 2018 2,956,000
  • 2017 4,223,000

We saved 12% water compared to January 2013 the State Drought Reporting Year.

Stay safe and enjoy our winter wonderland!

Dave Hicks
General Manager