Our well production was down in June, lower than all previous years going back to 2009. This is because we are buying half of our water from CCWD. I’ll break down our production numbers for you.

Well Production June           2,193,000 gallons
CCWD Water Purchased     2,038,000 gallons

The usage for June
2013 5,738,000
2014 4,532,000
2015 2,908,000
2016 4,225,000

As you can see, 2016 usage is slightly lower in June than 2014. I’m comparing this year with 2014 because the years are more average than 2015, when we had heavy drought restrictions. The difference is about 7% lower, which indicates some conservation is still taking place. Please remember, the drought is not over, and try to cut back water use when you can.


Well #4

Our new well 4 is operational, and pumping into our system, and we expect a 50 gallons per minute boost to our water supply from this well.


Water Pressure Policy

Years ago, when cabins were first built in Blue Lake Springs, connections to the mains from new construction was a haphazard affair. Cheap pipe was sometimes used and these service lines would break frequently, causing many leaks in our system. It was decided at that time to install pressure regulators on the service connections to mitigate all these leaks.
Over the years, main regulators have been installed to lower the stress on out main lines, and service line pipe installation has improved, with better pipe being put in. On some of our new construction, we have installed new regulators after the service box, and given them to the homeowner. It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain repair these new regulators. This is only done on a few homes right now, and most homeowners still have the old regulator at the service box. Some homes have regulators on the house also. If you have a pressure/ flow problem, please call us and we can tell you if we will service the regulator, or if it is your responsibility.

Also remember to shut off your water at the house if you are going away, even for only a few days, in any season. Water breaks in house plumbing can happen any time of the year, and can cause a lot of damage.

Thanks for conserving.

That’s all for now.
David Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.
P.O.Box 6015, Arnold, CA 95223
Ph: (209) 795-7025