Dear Shareholders, Thanks to all who came out to our Annual Meeting on June 4. Our water supply is up and ready as we head into the Summer months.


I will break down our production numbers for you.

Well Production May:         1,686,000 gallons.

CCWD Water Purchased:    1,843,000 gallons.

The usage for May

2013  4,341,000 gallons

2014  4,152,000 gallons

2015  2,602,000 gallons

2016  3,479,000 gallons

You can see the dramatic drop in usage for 2015, due to your fantastic conservation effort. We have relaxed the restrictions in 2016 to allow outside watering of plants, but remain in stage 2 of our drought plan, which allows outside watering only on odd/even days depending on your address. Odd addresses Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Even addresses Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. There is no watering on Monday, and no watering of forest trees. Please do not forget that we are still in a drought.

Calaveras County Water District has removed all restrictions to water use and they have their own good reasons for doing so, but Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water is not the same as CCWD. We have wells that we have to manage responsibly in order to insure future water supply.

Stage 2 asks you to “ decrease normal usage by 20%.” What is the new “normal”?

2015 was not a normal year because of severe drought restrictions, so I’m going to use 2014 as a year to compare 2016 to. In 2014 we were in stage 2, and we had good conservaƟon, so 2014 will be the “new normal”.

I will break down the comparison between 2016 and 2014 through May. 2014 usage through May  16,797,000 gallons. 2016 usage through May   15,315,000 gallons. That’s an 8.8% savings so far this year. Our goal is 20% so I would like everyone to just be aware of their water use and try to save water where possible. Our website has tips on conservation, and our toilet rebate program is in effect until the end of June.

That’s all for now and thank you for conserving.

Dave Hicks

Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.