My name is Tyler Mayo and I am the new General Manager of BLSMWC. I’m looking forward to working with my wonderful team, as well as serving all the Blue Lake Springs shareholders. My professional experience comes from 8 years as Water Master for BLSMWC, as well as a small business owner in this area. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

May Usage

The usage for May 2021 is 23% lower than May 2020. Your conservation efforts are working and is greatly appreciated. We need to continue these efforts throughout the year, as it looks like we’ll be heading into another drought. Please be mindful of your usage, there’s info on how to read your meter at

In the Field

The Watermasters are working hard on removing old services and disconnecting the old main from the new mains. We now have 99% of the old mains off and all mains are now located in the roadway and services in front of the homes. Throughout the summer you’ll see the guys out maintaining the fire hydrants, please be mindful while driving through Blue Lake Springs.

Lead & Copper Testing

Our water operators will soon be reaching out to the homeowners in our Lead and Copper Sampling Program. Homeowners are asked to take a sample from their primary faucet (i.e. Kitchen sink). We are required to check for lead and copper levels every 3 years per our state regulators.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tyler Mayo
General Manager, BLSMWC