Dear Shareholders,
We are getting some more snow, but thankfully in smaller amounts than the January 28th storm. Please remember to shut the water off at your cabin when you leave. This will prevent water damage to your cabin from broken or frozen pipes.

Connection to New Service Box

Now that our Infrastructure Improvement Project is finished, almost everyone has connected to their new service box. For those who have not hooked up, please plan on getting bids and connecting. The latest snowstorms have caused delays, but we would like to get all connections made as soon as practical.

February Water Usage

Daily water usage has dropped down to levels that match previous years, and I predict 2021 usage will be less than 2020. COVID‐19 affected last years big increase in usage with more owners using their cabins to get away from the crowded cities. Now that we have a vaccine, things are loosening up a bit and I for see the usage numbers averaging out.

Please use water wisely.

Here are the numbers.


  • 2017 3,007,000 gallons
  • 2018 3,286,000
  • 2019 4,242,000
  • 2020 3,501,000
  • 2021 3,515,000
  • ‐10% water savings compared to February 2013, the State drought reporting year.

New General Manager

I am retiring in June and Tyler Mayo is taking my place as General Manager. Tyler has been with the company for 8 years. His demeanor, excellent work ethic, intelligence, and knowledge of our operation, makes me confident that Tyler will fill the role of General Manager. He is working with me in the office to learn his new job. It has been a privilege to have served this company for the past 33 years.

Dave Hicks, General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company
Phone: 209‐795‐7025