Dear Shareholders,

Congratulation’s shareholders, in February we used 2.7 million gallons which is nearly 800,000 gallons less (23% saving) than this time last year. Which equates to 34,800 10-minute showers. Thank you for your conservation.

Of the 2.7 million gallons used, there were more than 200,000 gallons in leaks which occurred at homes that did not properly winterize. Most of these leaks took place after the President’s Day weekend.

REMEMBER: If you come up to visit between Labor Day and Memorial Day (winter time) you should be winterizing your entire property when you leave, regardless of how warm it is. Although it is warm for this time of year the we still have days that the temps can drop below freezing. If your pipes are not completely wrapped and covered, they will freeze and break. For more info on how to winterize and tips to protect your pipes from freezing go to

March 2022 Total Usage

Tyler Mayo
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs