Annual Shareholder’s Meeting, June 4, 2022

General Manager Mayo’s Report:

Throughout 2021 we wrapped up the USDA project, then completed the meter installation to every home in the Blue Lake Springs Subdivision. After the completion of the USDA project, we updated many of our policies and procedures to reflect the new water system. The field staff did a great job developing new maintenance programs.

For the rest of 2022, we will be completing some of our smaller additional projects that we have been gathering parts for. These additional projects mostly consist of disconnecting the old main from the new main. Due to supply constraints, we will be holding off on the Boro Court and Tank 6 services and main upgrades until 2023.

BLSMWC is currently in drought Stage 1 of our Drought Action Plan. This includes a reduction by 10% of your water usage; no watering between 10am – 6pm and no watering of forest trees. I am anticipating that we will be going to Drought Stage 2, which is a mandatory 20% reduction in water use.
Throughout the drought, please be mindful of your excess water use. This can be achieved by installing a timer on your irrigation, by placing a nozzle on the end of your hose, or by simply shutting off your faucet while you brush your teeth. For more information regarding our Drought Stages or how to save water visit

Lastly, I would like to thank the BLSMWC staff, Sharon Tobias, Tom Schneider, Andrew Ramos, all of the Board of Directors and committee members for guiding me through my first year as General Manager. It would have been difficult to succeed without all of your support.

Thank you,
GM Tyler Mayo