Dear Shareholders,
I hope all of you are staying safe and sane throughout this COVID‐19 event.  It appears things are starting to get  better, but we still have a bit more to go.  Your water company employees are working to keep your water  flowing, and will help with any water problem you may have.

Water Meters

Many of you have had water meters for years and are familiar with them, but many new meters have been installed.  We have had some complaints from homeowners about water usage at a cabin when no one was home.  The meters are very sensitive and can pick up the  slightest water use.  Please shut off the water to your cabin when you leave.  This will reduce  the chance of water going through your meter due to a small leak, a toilet,  or a dripping faucet, and  can prevent damage to your home from broken pipes.  If water is going through  your meter when no one is occupying the cabin, it is a leak.  You can call the office, and our guys can check the meter to see if you have a leak, so you can  arrange for a repair.

April Water Usage

Usage is trending lower for the first 4 months of this year compared to 2019, by about 660,000 gallons.  April usage was slightly lower than last April.  Here are the numbers.


  • 2017  2,603,000
  • 2018  2,815,000
  • 2019  3,125,000
  • 2020  3,201,000

New Service Connections

Just a reminder that contractors are working right now hooking up homes to the new service boxes installed  last year.  Because of the governor’s order, we have suspended deadlines for connecting, but you can still make  arrangements with a contractor to get bids, and schedule work to be done.  As soon as everyone is connected  in an area, we can turn off the old main.

Dave Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company
Phone 209‐795‐7025