Dear Shareholders,

For our total usage, we saved 46% from last year at this time. That’s 2.4 million gallons of water, which is enough to fill more than 3.5 Olympic size swimming pools. We are on track to finish the year with a total of 47,000,000 gallons of water usage which would be about a 19% savings compared to last year. (57,671,000) On average we had 1,333,000 gallons of water available in our tanks.

Well Production: In October we pumped 74% more water than last year because Treatment Plant pipe was offline for Oct. 2020. Total water pumped in October 2021 was 1,007,000 gallons.

CCWD: Tank 4 brought in 1,768,000 gallons of CCWD water through the altitude valve. We sent 468,000 gallons of water to Tank 6 in October.

Well Levels and Drawdown: Our high recovery level for Well 3 was 147 feet of water above the pump. That is about 5 feet less than in 2020. Our low drawdown (when we are pumping) was 111 feet above the pump which is 19 feet lower than last year. Well 4 had a high recovery level of 587 feet and the low drawdown was 402 feet of water.

November 2021 Total Usage

Tyler Mayo
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual
Water Company