Dear Shareholders,
Fall is here and it’s time to check your irrigation systems. Look for any leaks, broken sprinkler/mister heads, and bad timers. Also start thinking about winterizing your irrigation and cabin. It’s still quite warm out for October, but this can change fast as the days go by.

USDA Infrastructure Project

The last piece of pipe was put in the ground, and the last connection was made in September to complete the main part of our project. The last service boxes were installed and the pipe was pressure tested and sanitized. Letters will go out soon for those last 60 or so homeowners to connect to their new service box. Water meters are being installed and soon all residences will have a meter as mandated by the State of California. We are able to fund a couple of extra projects that we hope to complete before the end of October, and final closeout will be December 15th.

We are shutting off many old water mains where all have connected to the new mains, and we are seeing a slight decrease in usage due to leaks in these old pipes. For those who haven’t connected, please make arrangements with a contractor, (we have a list of local plumbers at the office). You or your contractor will need to pick up a pressure reducing valve from our office. These are offered at no charge and will protect your house plumbing from high main pressure.

Water Usage

Water usage has been high for the months of July, August and September.
Remember to be aware of your water use, and conserve when possible, especially during PSPS events.

Dave Hicks
General Manager
Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Co.