For the Months of July and August, our produc on from the well was down because of the
water purchasing we are doing from CCWD. This allows us to run our wells less, and saves
that water for future use. The usage was higher for July and August than the previous 2
years. We had no water savings, but for the year (2016) over all, we are 1,000,000 gallons
below 2014, and 7,000,000 below 2013 usage.

I’ll break down the August usage numbers:

  • 2013 7,117,000 million gallons.
  • 2014 5,262,000 million gallons.
  • 2015 4,066,000 million gallons.
  • 2016 5,804,000 million gallons

Our wells have a good reserve storage of water which we may need to draw upon as winter
approaches. We have had very cold spells, with lots of frozen and broken pipes, and
prolonged power outages, which can draw our storage tanks down. CCWD could have
problems that could effect their ability to supply us with water. We have enough storage in
our wells to carry us through the winter even if we can’t buy water from CCWD.


We remain in Stage 2 of our Drought Ac on Plan. Please check our website, or call the office
if you are unsure of the restric ons. There is no watering of forest trees allowed under Stage
2 of our plan.  The reason for this restric on is because we have to manage the water in
our wells to make sure of an adequate supply of water in the future. We are limited to the
amount of water we can purchase from CCWD, ( 100,000 gallons per day ). The Drought is
not over, and we cannot be sure how long it will last. Many homeowners all watering their
trees at the same me can put a severe strain on our wells.
Please be aware of your water use, and try to cut back on irrigation on as fall approaches.