Over the past couple months, on‐going efforts have resulted in two revisions and reviews of the “Draft” Asset Management Plan. The progress has been delayed due primarily to (1) the GIS mapping of assets and GIS database development taking significantly more time than planned, and (2) the extra coordination required between the BLSMWC staff and MC Engineering to ensure that the asset inventory database is as complete and accurate as possible. It’s expected that the final draft plan will be available for review within the next week.

Overall, the Asset Management Plan information thus far has provided some very beneficial content with a significant amount of comprehensive and up‐to‐date data that we’ve never had before, including a complete detailed inventory of assets grouped by:

Water Distribution System (including mainlines identified by sections within each street, house services, valves, hydrants, blow‐offs and air relief valves)
Water Treatment Plant and Appurtenances (including wells, tanks, booster pumps, PRVs, and water meters

The inventory provides each asset’s unit cost, total cost, today’s value, year of installation, useful life (years), end of life (year), and amortized cost to replace (based on the expected end‐of‐life year of each asset).

As mentioned in a previous Bubbler, the Asset Management Plan recommends a system‐wide approach which includes a strategy of both short‐term and long‐term upgrades and replacements, along with developing strategies for both preventative and predictive maintenance of the overall system. Based on the current draft, the Yearly O&M Program that would account for “short term” preventative/predictive repairs and replacements are estimated at an annual cost per year of $17‐$21K. In summary, the “long term” facility and component replacement totals are as follows:

Today’s Value Cost to Replace Value
Water Distribution System $16,544,740 $35,767,014
Water Treat Plant & Appurtenances $6,645,110 $10,093,572
Totals: $23,189,850 $45,860,586

NOTE: The long term capital replacements (end‐of‐life year and annual cost to replace values) are currently in final review. Once complete, this initial database will result in a “living document” to be updated as repairs and replacements are made, providing estimated yearly amounts to plan for in our financials to cover all of our assets over their expected life span.

Once the final draft is received, there are a few other recommendations within the Asset Management Plan that will be reviewed with BLSMWC management and staff to determine if any applicable new or revised internal business processes are needed. These reviews will include:

  • Current BLSMWC operations manuals and systems in place for record keeping
  • Levels of asset service goals, performance targets, and compliance criteria
  • Recommended weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi‐annually annually and as‐needed maintenance requirements and standard procedures

It is anticipated that it will take a couple months to analyze and validate the final inventory database, and arrive at recommended long term feasible and realistic financial options for discussion.  Once this process is completed, the final draft will be reviewed with the Long Range Planning Committee for concurrence and then presented to the board for approval.