Over the past month, the continuing emphasis of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has been to finalize the Asset Management Plan and Amendment 6 submittals from MC Engineering. There have been several additional discussions to ensure that the content is complete and accurate. This has resulted in further revisions to both documents received in the last couple weeks, which are currently under final fact‐finding, and will result in reviews for concurrence by the LRPC members in the next month prior to presenting to the board of directors for approval at our March 14th Meeting.

As mentioned in previous Bubbler’s, Amendment 6 is required to:

Address additional engineering, design, surveying and inspection required by MC Engineering for critical new scope tasks requested by BLSMWC, which are being added to the USDA base project and still within our approved funding

Cover an estimated 6 month schedule extension to July 2020 based on approved construction delays (primarily due to weather), change orders, and the above mentioned new scope tasks to be performed in 2020

Once the MC Engineering Asset Management Plan final draft submittal is approved, (as described in detail in the January 2020 Bubbler) there will still be extensive combined coordination and effort required from the LRPC and BLSMWC management and staff to fully analyze and implement the plan, which is estimated to take 2‐3 months.