For those shareholder’s unable to attend the Annual Meeting on June 8th, or those who did attend and would like to review the details of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) presentation, we encourage you to access it through the BLSMWC website at If you have any questions, comments or concerns related to the LRPC status, please contact the office staff and a committee member will respond.

In summary the LRPC presentation addressed the status and future plans on the following topics:

  • The advisory role of LRPC
  • Financial Planning & Cash Flow Status, taking into account:
    • USDA Interim Loan
    • Retro meter installs impact on cash flow
    • Additional USDA Project Scope requests
  • Reserves Fund Policy & Operating Procedure
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Meter Usage Studies
  • Water Rate Design & Structure
  • Bi‐Monthly Electronic Billing & Payment Process
  • Shareholder Service Line Replacements

Over the past year, the LRPC’s primary focus has been:

  • Providing oversight support to the BLSMWC Mgmt. and Staff on the USDA Project
  • On‐going analysis of our long term cash flow
  • Implementing and documenting a formal process for managing reserves
  • Long term asset mgmt. planning; including development of a formal Asset Mgmt. Plan
  • Performing analysis of meter usage studies and our future rate structure

As we move forward through 2019, our primary focus will be:

  • Analyzing impacts to long term cash flow, budgets and rates based on the following
    • Meter installs (income resulting from non‐metered to metered base rate changes)
    • Future rate structure changes under consideration
    • Implementing the Shareholder Service Line Replacement Loan Program
    • Transitioning to new bi‐monthly electronic billing and payment process
    • Potentially adding New USDA Project Scope requests from BLSMWC Staff (within our current total USDA budget)
  • Finalizing and formally implementing the
    • Asset Management Plan
    • Bi‐Monthly Electronic Billing & Payment Process

Water Rate Structure Design (taking into account on‐going meter usage study levels and trends)