Meter Usage Study

Over the past month, the LRPC compiled water meter usage study data collected through year‐end 2018. The current BLSMWC allotment included within the annual metered rate is 350 cubic feet per (CF) month. Study data shows overall average monthly usage decreased slightly from 308 CF in 2017 to 288 CF in 2018. As one would expect, average usage during the warm/dry summer months at 400 CF/month is almost double the cooler/wet months at only 222 CF/month. Over three‐fourths of the readings for both years were below the 350 CF per month allotment, reflecting the continuing attention to conservation by a majority of our shareholders. On the flip side, there continues to be approximately 10% of the readings at or above 2X the monthly allotment. We encourage shareholders to review the usage data noted on their bill. Pay attention to the amounts consumed each month, and if you find that your usage is above the average amounts stated above, please take steps to conserve wherever possible. Visit our website or call the office for recommendations on ways to save. The LRPC will continue to collect usage data throughout 2019 and into 2020 as the remainder of meters are installed. Along with the history already documented, those usage levels and trends will be analyzed and factored into the final rate structure. We appreciate your sustained effort to conserve our precious water.

Asset Management Plan

A meeting was held with MC Engineering on Jan. 31st to review progress on the Asset Management Plan. As mentioned previously, Phase 1 efforts are focused on developing the GIS and Inventory Databases. To date, MC Engineering has completed approximately 70% of the GIS Mapping and has started to input the attribute values for each asset item, beginning with the water mains. They will work with the BLSMWC staff in February on inputting the related assets for the water treatment plant, wells, and remaining parts of the system. The plan is to complete the GIS database development in mid‐February and start the Inventory Database, with the goal to complete that task by month‐end March. Once Phase 1 is completed, a progress meeting will be held to thoroughly review the GIS Mapping and Inventory Database products as well as the proposed scope in the remaining tasks. The complete Asset Management Plan will be presented to the BOD for approval prior to proceeding forward.

Work Scope Additions

As mentioned last month, the BLSMWC staff has proposed that several high priority tasks be added to the Construction Project. To evaluate these proposed tasks, MC Engineering has continued to work with Mozingo Construction, Inc. to obtain firm cost quotes and to identify schedule and funding impacts of each additional work task. This information is critical in determining the cost impact and risk of adding, or not adding, each task to the project. Based on the above, each additional task will be individually reviewed by the LRPC and BOD, and only authorized if economically and  technically necessary.