There have been no significant updates over the past month to the majority of on‐going LRPC focus areas. We continue to work with BLSMWC management and staff to obtain firm cost estimates on potential liabilities against our reserves budget, as well as updates to the Asset Management Plan database and fixed versus variable costs. Much of this information is needed to update our multi‐year cash flow analysis, and determining our variable costs will provide a basis for the income required in our metered usage rate structure. As we develop this information over the next couple months, it will be presented to the LRPC and Board to ensure all expense commitments are closely scrutinized and agreed to, with the focus remaining on our most critical system improvements.

During the past month, there were some discussions and data gathering pertaining to our water meter usage and potential updates to the future metered rate structure. The BLSMWC management & staff, as well as LRPC members, have provided a large sampling of examples of current rate structures from both local county and bay area water agencies, which show the combination of their base rates and single to multi‐tier usage rates. Also being considered in our analysis is the average water use per person for indoor and both indoor and outdoor use as compiled by the USGS ( This data will be compared to our current water usage base allocation level. In addition, the BLSMWC staff has compiled detailed metered usage information at multiple usage levels above the 700 CF bi‐monthly base allocation level, which segregates users from local (full timers) to part timers. Based on analysis thus far, the usage levels between full time and part time residences are very close. Based on analysis over the next couple months, rate structure options will be fully discussed with the LRPC and recommendations brought forward to the Board of Directors for consideration.