The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is searching for a candidate to fill a committee member vacancy. Our desire is to find a BLS shareholder in good standing with a background that supports the skills and criteria as described below. The LRPC’s Charter is to serve as an advisory committee to the BLS Mutual Water Company Board of Directors. The LRPC provides on‐going recommendations to help implement financially acceptable and technically practical water supply and demand management strategies to ensure a long term, dependable, and high quality water supply for the shareholders. The desired skills would include some background and experience in Project Management and Financial Planning. The candidate should be available to meet monthly, have a personal interest to improve BLS community, and willing to share with other team members in responsibility of taking on assignments. If interested, please notify the BLSMWC Office at (209) 795‐7025 and a member of the LRPC will follow‐up with you to discuss in further detail.