The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) met on April 23rd to review the “Preliminary” 2018‐2021 Cash Flow and Water Rates Analysis. The discussions were very productive, with questions, clarifications and suggested revisions that will be incorporated into the final recommendation to be presented to the Board of Directors at the May 26th meeting.

Over the past several weeks, through combined efforts by MC Engineering, BLSMWC management and staff, and members of the LRPC, a thorough review and updates to the USDA Project engineering drawings, specifications and quantities has occurred. This ensures that the bidding information provided to the construction contractors is as accurate as possible. It also provided the basis to perform an updated overall construction cost estimate which we will utilize to determine a bidding threshold with an acceptable contingency reserve level to meet our USDA approved budget.

A pre‐bid meeting was held at our BLSMWC office on April 26th with 6 interested companies. Since then, based on updated information, some final revisions to the engineering documents and quantities were discussed by the team and provided to the contractors as an Addendum. The construction bids are due by May 30th with the contract to be awarded in early June.