During the July 2013 Monthly Board of Director’s (BOA) Meeting, a Long Range Strategic Financial Planning Committee was proposed and approved.  The strategy of this Committee and the Board of Directors will be to seek and fund a dependable long range water supply.  This shall include a detailed, time-phased two year budget plan segregating Operations from Capital Improvement funding to provide the most cost effective approach possible.

To achieve this, the BLSMWC:

  • Has decided to become a self-sufficient water company by developing and owning its own supply and delivery of water via additional wells to our members within the next two years
  • Will continue to investigate options for an emergency supply of water in case of catastrophic system failure
  • Will make recommendations for decisive action to upgrade existing equipment/infrastructure on an accelerated basis
  • Will pursue wells from different sources to assure long term supply for the next 20 years
  • Will continue to seek sources of water as back up for possible long term drought conditions
  • Will consider the option to fund capital improvements through long term financing so as not to disproportionately impact the short term financing
  • Will develop and maintain cordial relationships with all parties in the sourcing and delivery of water to our shareholders
  • Will provide frequent communication updates on the progress to achieve our goals