Purchase and Installation of New Radio-Read Water Meters (allows BLSMWC to read and track water consumption remotely)
1. Conducting Water Meter Usage History a) Based on previously installed meters, historical monthly cubic feet usage data
has been tabulated from Nov 2011 through Oct 2015, comparing Full Time Residents (Averaged 52) versus Part Time
Residents (Averaged 180) b) Plan to complete this meter usage history from Nov 2015 through Aug 2016 prior to determining
“Rate Structure”
2. Also conducting a “Meter Survey” on a group of 60 volunteers providing monthly occupancy levels and number of residents
information to further define current usage data to assist in rate determination .
3. Utilizing “Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges – Sixth Edition” Published by American Water Works Association
(AWWA) as our primary guide for determining the new rate design/rate structure to be implemented a) Based on the documented
water usage patterns and applicable principles applied from the AWWA Manual, a detailed description of the new
metered rate structure will be provided to all shareholders b) The rate design & structure specifics will be carefully evaluated
over the next 2-3 months, and will focus on promoting fairness and equity (i.e., cost-based) while emphasizing usage
conservation c) A decision on final rate structure and resulting fees will be completed in approx. Sept. 2016 (Implemented
Jan 2017) .
4. In an effort to make progress on new radio-read meter installations during the USDA loan approval process, the Board approved
the installation of 250 meters by our BLSMWC staff (starting in June) on parcels where the infrastructure improvements
have already been made and the service connection is in the public right-of-way (at the street) a) The 250 meters
will increase the total radio-read meters installed to approx. 350 (paid for by shareholder/BLSMWC prior to and outside of
USDA loan) b) Leaves approximately 1,364 remaining to install and included as part of the USDA loan request.
5. The meter amount requested in USDA application is $752K, however, the most recent estimate for the remaining 1,364
meter procurements and installations is $1.364M (Includes 860 new construction meters, 504 existing retrofit meters, 200
driveway installations & 1,364 PRVs/Enclosures) a) The meter service required (single service vs. double service) and installation
complexity will determine the actual cost per shareholder, but will average approx. $1,000.00 each b) Cost may
be charged to shareholder in the year installed, or if financed in the USDA loan, an “annual assessment or surcharge” for
each of the 1,364 shareholders would range from $40/year (2.5%) to $43/year (3.0%)
6. Approximately 279 meters are being installed at specific locations where the infrastructure improvements have been completed.
In addition, meters will be installed later this summer at about 25+ vacation rentals